Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

Some services are not available on the NHS eg private sick notes, endorsements of private insurance claims, private medical examinations etc. For these services, there is a charge. To avoid embarrassment, please enquire about fees for these services before requesting that they be carried out.

Private letters of referral to consultants are, of course, free of charge.

Private Insurance Medical Forms

These cannot usually be completed in surgery time, but can be left and collected, as arranged with the doctor or receptionist.

Private Medical Examinations

Please request a special appointment for medicals, eg elderly driver, taxi driver, HGV, PSV, sports, pre-employment etc, as these require a longer time allocation. There may be a fee payable.

Medical Certificates

These are issued only after the patient has seen the doctor and it is agreed the patient is not fit for work.

To ensure you do not lose any benefits and the current certificate does not expire please make an appointment to see the doctor when your sick note is due.

Genetic Testing

The surgery is also a DNA testing centre.